Coffee Luwak Bali

Coffee Luwak – Wild Kopi Luwak Bali

Geographical Indication

Tri Hita Karana


Coffee Luwak a totally unique process !
There are normally two ways to pick coffee. The first being mechanically (often large multinationals) that produces bitter coffee because it does not distinguish between ripe and unripe fruits. Then comes the traditional method in which they are gathered by hand. Coffee Luwak adds a third method of “picking” quite natural, by the civet (animal) who will choose the best cherries of the coffee tree.

  • Organic Farm

  • Wild Luwak

  • The Choice of The Luwak

  • Natural process

  • Gathering

Rules of Art


Luwak Coffee a totally unique process !
After collecting and cleaning the grain harvested in mini clusters, Kopi Luwak coffee is sun dried in the Indonesian sun. The grains are subsequently crushed and under the effect of a wooden mortar, green beans appear by shedding their protective shell.

These grains are dipped again in a basin of water where the natural selection operates: good grains sink to the bottom while the others remain on the surface. The floating grains are then discarded. This procedure is repeated three times to clean the grains and remove the remaining shells. So far, no mechanized operation. Everything is done methodically carefully by hand, grain by grain.
Then we proceed to the roasting ,Take note that no bacteria can survive a roasting over 220º C. After cooling, we turn to the so-called stabilization step there stand freshly roasted at least for 24 hours. The drying time is important because it allows the coffee to develop all its organoleptic characteristics.

  • The beans are shelled

  • Naturally Clean and Dried Bean by Bean

  • Carefully Selected

  • Roasting

  • Packaging

Pure Arabica of Kopi Luwak


Finally comes the last step of the process, with bags specifically designed for conservation of coffee aromas. After opening, it is important to store coffee in its original packaging or an airtight container, in a dark and dry room.