Your Perfect Coffee Cup

Buy a Good Coffee


Rather than drinking regular coffee. Why not drink the best coffee that nature has to offer you.Luwak coffee is one of the best coffees in the world, by its taste and its aromatic virtues. Luwak coffee will not only awake your mind and spirit it will also give you complete satisfaction of what we know as Coffee.

perfect-coffee-cup - kopi luwak bali

Use a Good Water


The coffee is composed of water up to 99%. So if your water has a strange taste, your coffee will be too. Chlorine, lime, ozone and calcium, among others, can kill the aroma and taste of coffee. Make sure you know your water. A low mineral water allows the best flavor. Spring water and tap water that have been filtered are a good solutions.


A good Coffee Machine and a Good Grind


For best flavor, it is best to grind the coffee just before consumption. The aroma will be retained and the coffee will be at its best. A coffee ground ahead quickly oxidizes and loses its uniqueness while taking an unwanted bitterness.


Do not put Coffee Beans in the refrigerator


Some think that by keeping their coffee in the refrigerator or in the freezer, it will keep longer. We are of those who favor conservation in a room temperature, preferably in a dark dry room and in a most airtight container or bag . Kopi Luwak is a high quality product. Refrigeration therefore should be avoided as this may cause moisture, the worst enemy of this coffee.


The Good Temperature


The water temperature is critical to extract more flavors of coffee. The difference between 80, 90 and 99 degrees Celsius can be easily detectable in the taste of coffee, even for those not accustomed to drink. If the water temperature is too high, coffee becomes bitter. If it is too low, you will have a light tasting coffee, bland and acid.
The ideal is to heat the water between :

88-92 ° C (190-197 ° F) for an espresso
90-95 ° C (194-203 ° F) for the other preparations

This is the time where we see the first signs appear. As it is not always easy to have such precision. Also, do not reheat coffee that has already infused.

kopi luwak temperature

 Rinse & Clean equipment


Once the coffee is grounded it rejects its natural oil on the equipment used. It is therefore advisable to clean them because these oils tend to go rancid. The cleaning also prevents calcium deposits that have the effect of increasing the temperature.

kopi luwak clean